First released in 2008, NetSupport Notify has become the preferred messaging and alerting tool for a wide range of educational, corporate, government and military sites. Today, more than 1.5 million desktop users are kept informed with NetSupport Notify.

Here is a small selection of our customers:

NetSupport Notify Testimonials

Parkland College, Illinois
„The first major benefit of NetSupport Notify over our previous system is that it works cross-platform, so we can send messages direct to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. Secondly, the product is perfect in scenarios such as tornado warnings or snow closures. Messages are delivered straight to the screen of connected computers so we know the recipient will read the alert straight away.”

Forshaws Davies Ridgway Solicitors
„Email wasn’t working for us. We regularly need to advise staff of system shutdowns, software updates or general IT problems but emails were being ignored or not read for hours after they were sent. IM was considered but we didn’t want to encourage staff to 'chat’! NetSupport Notify has proved ideal and is more secure than IM type solutions. Messages can be sent to all or selected desktops in an instant. We can see who has received and acknowledged the message or whose machine is switched off. It has helped massively with the recent completion of a major IT project. Having made sweeping changes to all systems, involving a great deal of disruption, we were constantly sending alerts out across the network. NetSupport Notify probably paid for itself 10 fold during this project alone. In fact I would recommend buying it even if it is only for use during a project!”

„Comerica Bank is extremely pleased with NetSupport Notify and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install and use. We are looking forward to future releases of the product and new features that it may provide.”

The Story Group
„We were looking for ways to improve internal communication and needed a solution that enabled staff to quickly and easily post messages to colleagues. Staff used to page-call one another but we’ve found that NetSupport Notify provides a much more immediate service. The product has been so successful that we’ve now removed the paging system.”

„Since discovering NetSupport Notify our staff communication issues have disappeared. The product enables us to send an instant alert or notification direct to all or selected desktops across the company. The message takes screen focus so we know the user is guaranteed to see it and most importantly they can’t ignore it! This is particularly useful if we need to perform urgent system updates. We know that everyone will be logged off the system straight away allowing us to get on with our jobs and the customer service team are back working within minutes.”

KINEX IT Consulting
KINEX uses NetSupport Notify as an alternative to the Windows built-in Messenger service, which is either disabled by most security conscious system administrators or if not, exploited by malware. Using NetSupport Notify allows us to reliably and securely communicate with our staff without relying on email or Instant Messages. We also make use of the assignable severity levels (critical, alert, message etc) depending on the nature of the messages.

Surrey Heath Borough Council
We currently use NetSupport Notify to quickly alert key people and teams around the building of potential and current problems in our Contact Centre, but there is easily scope to extend the usage to all manner of things if we chose to do so. We’d been looking for a scaleable alerting system for some time, and chose NetSupport for it’s ease of use, small footprint, and the fact that it does exactly what it says it does.

Holmfirth Junior, Infant and Nursery School
Communication at Holmfirth has always been a challenge. Messages fail to get passed on and things forgotten about. Email was a little cumbersome with some members of staff stating that they never check their inbox! We didnt even need to evaulate other products we knew the moment we tried NetSupport Notify that it was the right product. NetSupport Notify has really made an impact on communication within the school. As an ICT technician it was quite easy to get left out of the loop – now i feel informed.

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center
Setup took only a few minutes and we were up and running almost immediately. The program saves us, the IS department, valuable time in that we are able to repair the problem as quickly as possible without having to answer the phone with staff telling us there is a problem. Worth the price. Have not regretted ordering the program and support has been great.

Wayne County Government, Indiana
„We are currently very happy with the NetSupport Notify product. It’s lightweight, easy to deploy and very easy to use so that makes it very easy to train people to use it. It does exactly what we need it to do. We use it in couple of different ways right now. At the IT level, we use it to give warnings about viruses and malware that employees might see coming thru their e-mail, so with that it helps stop a lot viruses from getting in just by making employees aware. We also use it to tell departments when they will need to be logged off their machines or when a scheduled maintenance will occur. Our Emergency Management department uses it to give out warnings when bad weather and possible disaster might occur. All this was done before with e-mail and is now being done with NetSupport Notify much faster and with 100% confidence that the employee has received the message or warning. Now we are hooked and have since bought another 200 licenses! NetSupport Notify is a Great product that actually meets and in some cases exceeds our demand and expectations.”

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
„Jackson Hole Mountain Resort operates a network of some 250 computers spread out over 3,600 acres and over 4,000 vertical feet of mountainous terrain in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. In addition there are retail, warehouse and lodging operations in remote locations around the Jackson Hole valley. JHMR customers expect any and all of staff to be able to give them current information on conditions on the mountain, lift status and weather. NetSupport Notify has become an indispensable tool to help serve that need.”

Outagamie Waupaca Library System
„In the past, when an OWLSnet service (Internet Access, InfoSoup Card Catalog, eMail…) went down, the OWLS Staff found it difficult to keep the libraries informed about the problem. Calling all 50 library locations can take 45 minutes or more, calling trees can be broken, and not everyone watches their email every minute at work. We needed to find a way to contact our customers (the public library staff) that was reliable and fast. Thus allowing the OWLS support staff to work on the problem rather than be on the phone explaining that we were aware that one of our services was not working. NetSupport Notify (NSN) is one of those products we hope we never have to use but are very pleased its available when we do need it. We are only planning to use NSN when one of our electronic services has failed. When NSN is needed it will allow us to imediatly contact our customers with information and instructions reguarding the problem service. No more phone calls, broken calling trees, or unread emails. Favorite Features: The ease of installation. The simple, uncomplicated Client and Agent interface. The outstanding NetSupport Customer Support during our pre-purchase testing phase.”

Rentenbach Companies
„It is a great way to notify the users of system issues and know that you got direct visibility on their screens. We previously used email to send out alerts, but we were not always sure users read them in a timely manner, not to mention the extra work load on the email system. Thanks NetSupport!”

Idaho State University Federal Credit Union
„We use NetSupport Notify daily for our internal messages and critical alerts. It is a solid product that allows us to contact every employee immediately. It has become a great addition to our DRP!”