As schools continue to provide better access to computer hardware, networks and web resources, district IT staff and classroom teachers face new challenges. IT staff must manage the challenges posed by computer labs and school networks as well as control software deployment and user issues.

Teachers need to manage students who are using computers in a lab or multi-desktop classroom to ensure that they are learning and spending time on their assigned tasks.

Children want to learn, and often the best way is to experiment. Unfortunately lab computers may be used four or five times a day for different classes, so they really can’t afford to endure too much practical experimentation.


NetSupport Protect provides a proactive, rather than a reactive, solution to the challenges faced. The philosophy of the product is to prevent changes to the desktop environment and avoid the need to rely on „repair” based solutions that are more costly and have a greater maintenance overhead.

Using NetSupport Protect, IT staff can create a secure desktop environment where system configuration and access from external sources are protected, where users can utilise available applications but are shielded from system resources and the temptation of investigating the workings of the desktop.

A successful product is one that can be implemented and maintained with the minimum of effort and provides a clear summary of the security in place. This is NetSupport Protect.

„As a very satisfied NetSupport School customer, we had no hesitation in selecting NetSupport Protect as we know that NetSupport solutions are of the highest calibre. NetSupport Protect has been easy to implement and configure and impressed us with its vast array of features and flexibility.”
Gérard Duvivier, Lycée professionnel Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

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