Integrated hard disk protection and roll back technology

NetSupport Protect includes as standard integrated hard disk protection and roll back technology. In addition to the existing functionality that keeps users on task by locking down desktop configuration, the product effortlessly protects your operating system and associated files from accidental or malicious deletion and provides a mechanism for automatic restoration on re-boot.

When the hard-disk recovery feature is enabled, all system files and folders will be continuously monitored and, when required, the system will restore back to a previous point in time quickly and transparently. NetSupport Protect’s recovery functionality also allows you to specify folders that are excluded from rollback monitoring and, as such, are always preserved. Whether it’s a complete software failure requiring total restoration or specific files, the recovery feature provides complete flexibility. Needless to say, system administrators can also install, manage and perform software restoration remotely.

Unlike alternative disk protection systems, NetSupport Protect monitors the disk for changes rather than initially taking a complete snapshot of a computer system. This process results in the almost instantaneous creation and restoration of an image.

NetSupport Protect offers twice the level of desktop security and protection – desktop lockdown and hard disk protection and recovery – in a single and easy-to-use package.


Summary of key features:

  • Instantly restores your hard disk to an earlier point in time.
  • Offers do-it-yourself disaster recovery.
  • Helps users stay productive – even if their operating system will not boot.
  • Rescues and restores lost or damaged files, folders and corrupted programs.
  • Works with your existing security products such as anti-virus programs.
  • Provides a secure test platform.
  • Restrict user-defined applications from running.
  • Uses minimal system resources and hard drive storage.
  • Easy to install and centrally manage.


  • Saves countless hours of troublesome and unnecessary service calls.
  • Works in a fraction of the time of other re-imaging/restoration products.
  • Gives teachers more time to teach by eliminating careless or malicious activity.
  • Saves valuable network disk space when images need to be stored.
  • Reduces or eliminates technical intervention for OS and software-related problems.
  • Makes all users’ PCs look and behave the same.
  • Simply reboot to restore.
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